Indoor Cycles
  • Item No. : XTR900S
  • Product Name : Exercise Bike / Indoor Cycle
Exercise Bike / Indoor Cycle
Description :
A durable belt direct drive system on fixed wheel, ultra strong BB and flywheel axles, steel heat treated forged crank, high performance slide system on seat and handlebar stem positions adjustment and V-lock easy lock system help you easy find your best riding, a patent design knob tension control system provide you very easy control your cycling frictions and stop braking., 25kgs machine cut fly wheel keep a certain momentum during your cycling.
Features :
  • Square stainless steel construction on handlebar stem/seat post offers maximum stability and durability.
  • Ultra strong BB and fly wheel axle.
  • Adjustable seat height with extender., High performance seat position adjustment devices with digital scale.
  • Adjustable handle bar stem height with extender with digital scale.
  • Specially designed brake/tension system.
    Patented unique brake/tension control system.
  • Specially designed "V-lock"system makes easy adjustment and more secure.
  • Fixed wheel, BELT direct drive system 25kgs (55.5 lbs)
  • Durability grooved V-belt.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy assembly.
Step aside from our spinning lives, let bike rides replace daily drives!