Indoor Cycles
  • Item No. : V832H
  • Product Name : Exercise Bike / Indoor Cycle
Exercise Bike / Indoor Cycle
Description :
New design for light commercial and home use bike. With hexagon handlebar stem/slider and hexagon seat post/slider. With a belt direct drive system on fixed wheel, high performance slide system on seat and handlebar stem positions adjustment and V-lock easy lock system help you easy find your best riding, a patent design knob tension control system provide you very easy to control your cycling frictions and stop braking.
Features :
  • Steel construction on handle bar/stem/seat post offers maximum
  • stability and durability.
  • Strong BB and fly wheel axle.
  • Adjustable seat height with extender. High performance seat position adjustment.
  • devices with digital scale.
  • Adjustable handle bar stem height with extender with digital scale.
  • Specially designed brake/tension system.
  • Patented unique brake/tension control system.
  • Specially lock system design provides easy adjustment and more secure.
  • Fixed heel, BELT direct drive system 21kgs (46.2 lbs)
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy assembly.
Step aside from our spinning lives, let bike rides replace daily drives!